High Point Elementary School

September 26, 2006

The overcrowding at High Point Elementary School (HPES) continues to increase. In the current school year over 800 students are enrolled. Over 60% are Mexicans. 12% are white students. A total of 15 trailers have been placed in the old playground area – believe it or not. With the notable exception of Heards Ferry, all elementary schools in Sandy Springs are extremely overcrowded. What is the basic reason for the overcrowding at HPES? Look no further than the apartments on Roswell Road inside I-285. For years, Fulton Co. Government did nothing to stop the overcrowding in the apartments. Comments have been made that 15 to 30 people have been found living in a single 2-bedroom apartment. Also, it has been said that many apartments have wall-to-wall mattresses. Apartments are supposedly controlled by an occupancy code that exists for Sandy Springs. Getting the occupancy code enforced is the problem. Sandy Springs leadership has passed an Apartment Ordinance, but there is little or no teeth in it to control the number of occupants. Why? Apparently, apartment owners associations have indicated they will file lawsuits if the occupancy code is enforced.